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What is I Heart Horror Day? It's the ultimate celebration of all things horror! Created by the Cuneo Brothers, this annual event pays homage to the genre that has captivated and terrified audiences for generations. Inspired by the shared birthdays of horror icons George Romero and Alice Cooper, I Heart Horror Day brings horror fans together to revel in all things spooky and macabre. Now, not only are we featured in Chase's Calendar of Events, but also in Checkiday.com and web-holidays.com. So mark your calendars for February 4th and join us in celebrating horror in all its glory

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Alice Cooper  Monster-Mania Con at Greater Philly Expo Center 11/12/2024

🎸👹 The Cuneo Brothers met up with the legendary Alice Cooper at Monster-Mania Con, held at the Greater Philly Expo Center on 11/12/2023! 🤘👾 Even the "Prince of Darkness" himself is on board with I Heart Horror Day, showing his unwavering support to the team. 🖤

Unlocking the Heart of Horror, Embracing Triumph, Forging Futures 

Horror enthusiasts, rejoice! In 2024, our "I Heart Horror Day" event soared to new heights, raising an incredible $8,600 for the Deborah Heart & Lung Center of NJ. Your unwavering support has ignited our passion for horror, infusing our endeavor with boundless energy and excitement.

But our journey doesn't end here. We're teaming up with fellow aficionados, weaving alliances to extend our reach and spread joy far and wide. Together, we're painting a future where the shadows dance with both mischief and kindness.

As we celebrate our success, know that the stage is set for even greater adventures. With your continued dedication, 2025 promises to be a year of unparalleled fun and community spirit, leaving an indelible mark on the world of horror.

Stay tuned, dear friends, for together, we shall craft stories that inspire and uplift.

Our Mission Statement 

Some Pics From This Years I Heart Horror Event ⬇️